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Meet our Team

Aleka Michelle


Curly Hair Specialist

I am a wife, and a mother of three. As a military brat, I moved to Columbus at the age of 11. Oldest of three girls, I would spend hours doing my hair, my sisters, as well as friends. Since graduating from Ohio State School of Cosmetology in 2010, I have been diligently working towards mastering all things concerning natural hair while focusing on haircutting, and color.  In the midst of the pandemic, I opened my salon May 19th of 2020. With the support of my family, friends, and clients... Unleashed Curly Hair Salon has grown to include the beautiful souls that you see listed below. My passion for this industry grows stronger and stronger with time. In addition, I am very humbled to mentor as well as grow alongside my team.

Loves... Ceramics and Reggae Music

IMG_1537 2_edited.png
Daysha Scott

Curly Hair Specialist

I'm a licensed cosmetologist. Though I went to school for Cosmetology learning all things in hair, nails, etc... I initially chose a career as a nail tech because it honestly was something I always used to do at home as a little girl. My passion for nails and since extended to caring for curly hair. Simply because I love seeing the transformation of making curls and nails look and feel so much better! Seeing our clients excitement, brings me so much joy! By gaining education as a Curly Hair Specialist, my goal is to give our clients the best experience possible! I've had experiences going to salons where the nail tech and/or stylist didn't carry a true passion for the health of my nails or hair. So finding a salon that is knowledgeable about textured hair care made me incredibly excited, being that I also have natural curly hair. I am so happy to be a part of the team!

Loves... Live Music and Yoga

Shavon McCoy

Curly Hair Specialist 

I’m Shavon, I am 29 and a mother of two beautiful girls. I am creative and passionate about many things, like the beauty industry, art, crafting, dancing, and finding things to do with my family. I love meeting new people and creating bonds by contributing to a positive environment and happy interactions,  I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2016, since then I’ve had experience as a nail technician, a hair stylist as well as a stylist assistant and recent experience as an esthetician. I have always been very interested and excited about curly hair care and natural styling, so I am coming into this opportunity to expand my knowledge of textured hair care and cutting. This is a great chance for me to take a step closer to my dream job in this field, that I’ve been looking for.

Loves... Crafting and Dancing

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