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Salon Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Recruit and Train Employees

- Hair salon managers ensure that their salons are adequately staffed and able to serve their clients by recruiting and onboarding new stylists. This part of the job can include developing and posting job listings online and in local publications, reviewing resumes and applications, checking certifications, and conducting interviews. Hair salon managers may also provide initial instruction on procedures and connect new stylists with more experienced employees for further training.

- Develop Budgets and Forecasts

- Maintain their salon’s financial stability by developing budgets and forecasts, analyzing revenue versus expenses, and reviewing cash flow information. This aspect of the role can also involve preparing reports and submitting sales taxes for retail items, managing cash deposits and credit card receipts, and setting financial goals each month or quarter while making changes to business structures or procedures to support those goals.

- Maintain Salon Records

- In addition to managing financial records, hair salon managers oversee record retention and filing for other salon-related records. This can include employee records such as W-9 forms and certifications; business records including invoices, vendor contracts, and utility records; and customer information that is typically maintained within the salon’s database. Hair salon managers periodically review these records to ensure that they are up to date.

- Order Supplies

- Ensure that their stylists have the supplies they need by placing orders with vendors for consumables such as shampoo, hair products, and disinfectant, as well as tools including scissors, trimmers, and hair dryers. For hair salons that offer retail products, hair salon managers maintain inventory levels and select new products based on customer requests and feedback and maintain purchase records to support inventory management and pricing.

- Direct Promotional and Marketing Activities

- To help build and maintain a robust client base, hair salon managers also develop and distribute promotional materials and conduct marketing activities. This may include advertisements, seasonal promotions, and client referral programs. Salon owners may distribute periodic mailers to clients who have not visited in some time, promoting new products or services or offering discounts.

- Respond to Client Issues

- Resolve client-service related issues to ensure repeat visits and provide clients with a positive salon experience. This may include addressing customer complaints about haircuts or procedures or complaints regarding a specific employee. Hair salon managers need to assess these situations and determine the best response, which can range from providing the customer a discount on future services to disciplining a stylist.

Hair Salon Manager Skills and Qualifications...

Oversee day-to-day salon operations, working with employees to create a positive environment for clients. Most hair salon managers have at least a high school diploma, hairdressing experience, and the following skills:

  • Team leadership – hair salon managers should have excellent leadership skills and be able to effectively coordinate staff activities and schedules to deliver excellent client service

  • Time management – this role requires a high level of organization to determine employee schedules, manage appointments, and ensure that necessary supplies are available to staff members

  • Industry knowledge – hair salon managers should also be very familiar with the beauty industry and remain informed about beauty and haircare trends, products, services, and best practices

  • Financial oversight – budgeting is central to this role, so hair salon managers should be financially savvy and able to assess labor and supply costs, cash flow, and revenue to keep the salon financially stable

  • Relationship management – hair salon managers also need to build the salon’s client base, which requires excellent marketing, client service, and relationship management skills

  • Communication skills – written and verbal communication are also important in this role, as hair salon managers may need to develop employee handbooks and interact with both employees and clients

  • Front desk reception work and willingness to oversee and participate in upkeep and cleanliness of the salon.

$16 to $20 per hour


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