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The Importance of a Proper In-Salon Routine Series- 1

"Split ends" refers to the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft. This damage can lead to hair breakage, dry hair ends, dead ends, and of course, split ends. It is a common misconception that split ends only affect the hair ends; the hair can in fact “split” anywhere along the hair shaft. 

Split ends are very common and happen regardless to the ends of the hair. But there is healthy split ends that occur simply from every day effects due to weather and the atmosphere you hair is exposed to. Also from the basic manipulation of your hair from touching, combing, and brushing. These split ends can easily be managed with regular hair cuts done by a licensed professional every 8 to 12 weeks.

“Can’t I just cut my own ends?”

Yes you can. Just like how you can diagnose yourself when you’re not feeling well. Just like how you can stop going to the dentist and just up how many times a day you are brushing your teeth. My point is, we as licensed professionals spend a lot of time and money on purchasing the very best and sharpest shears, and on education to make sure your hair cut is getting rid of unwanted split ends and shaping your curls in a way that compliments your curl texture and pattern. With using cheap shears or household scissors, you risk causing more damage to your hair. Would you want your surgeon to use a butter knife instead of a scalpel during your surgery? I know I wouldn’t.  

“But I only want a trim”

Many times clients want to pay less, because they “Only want a trim”. Please understand… a trim is still a haircut. Just because we aren’t cutting off much, the same amount of time is taken to perform the service. Most people say they only want a trim, because they have had horrible experiences at the hand of other “Shear happy” stylist. On behalf of the industry I love, I apologize that this happened to you. I work hard to gain the trust of our clients. If it has been over 6 months since you have had a haircut, and you truly need 2-3 inches cut. But are only comfortable with have 1 inch cut… then 1 inch is what we cut! A plan will be established to take care of the rest of your split ends. Bit by bit wins the race!

Proper haircare starts in the salon. Developing a solid in salon routine will help support your at home routine.

Who is ready for a “Hair Cut?”

Aleka M. Pooe


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